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  • December 30, 2019
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Happy New Year!

In accordance with (IAW) the Taekwondo Canada Affiliation Policy, Provincial Section Members (PSM) are requested to submit lists of 2020 registered clubs and individuals by end-January 2020.

IAW Para 3(1): Registered Participant
a. Includes all competitive and recreational club/school registrants 
b. All ages and belt levels of Taekwondoists registered with clubs or schools, of all stages of LTAD, who practice Taekwondo for recreational or competitive purposes shall be TC Registered Participants (RP) by virtue of their club/school affiliation or registration in the club/school programs or activities. 
c. The individual base affiliation fee of $4 per registrant shall be embodied into the club/school registration fee. The Club/school pays to TC, in January of each year the sum of collected individual base affiliation fees collected by the club/school, reported and paid to the provincial section member (PSM). Individual base affiliation fee can only be paid though the club/school PSM affiliation system. Clubs/schools may register at any time during the year, and may also add new names to the RP list for their school at any time as well upon remitting the required payment. 
d. Clubs/schools will provide to their relevant Provincial Section member the following for each participant within their club/school: 
e. Clubs/schools will remit the payment to the Provincial Section member, who shall compile a list of the RP’s within the province and remit this list, along with payment, to Taekwondo Canada. Provincial section members will be responsible for the implementation of the collection system within their province. RP lists collected by the PSM much match the member lists provided to overseeing government organizations.
    i. First and Last Name 
    ii. Date of Birth 
    iii. Postal Code

Please note: Everyone who will participate in the 2020 Jan Selection events must be registered and in good standing with their PSM and Taekwondo Canada.

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