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Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

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Become a Volunteer

We are actively recruiting volunteers for the 2018 National Taekwondo Championships which will be hosted from February 15 to 18 at the EY Centre in Ottawa.

There are many roles available. Please read the role description carefully to help us to find the best fit for you.

The following roles are available:


  • Help set up the competition rings, judges’ tables, podiums, advertising boards, and signage throughout the event venue in preparation for the competitions.


  • Help check in the athletes, coaches, and other important attendees and ensure they receive the event passes, brochures and promotional materials.


  • Help oversee the weigh-in process, controlling the flow of athletes in and out of the weigh-in area, ensuring the integrity of the weigh-in process.


  • Help sell tickets to spectators as they enter the event venue and keep track of sales over the course of the competition.


  • Check accreditation for VIPs, athletes, coaches, and referees and help make sure spectators know where they access to the venue.


  • Assist with all other volunteers during the course of the competition. You will be tasked with filling in on certain positions for brief periods of time, helping people move and transition throughout the venue and other tasks as the event requires.

Tear Down

  • Pack up all of the equipment, mats, tables, podiums, and any other important pieces throughout the event venue upon the completion of all competitions.

As a volunteer, you will get:

  • A souvenir volunteer t-shirt
  • One free day pass for each shift you sign up
  • Lunch will be provided if applicable
  • Volunteer hours certification if needed

We rely on volunteers to run our events and we always welcome your support. Sign up as a volunteer today by email: info@taekwondo-canada.com

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