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Certification and evaluation process

The NCCP is a competency-based program, meaning the NCCP is a program that certifies coaches based on proven abilities to “DO” certain things deemed important to meet the needs of the athletes they coach. Certification is based upon what a coach is able to demonstrate, not the training they may have undergone.

Coaches must go through an evaluation process in the context for which they seek certification. This includes the entire evaluation process for the context and includes requisite online multi-sport training/evaluations and other non-NCCP training/certifications.

Coaches do not receive credit for training modules they do not complete and there is no such thing as “equivalency”. Coaches may, however, seek evaluation without completing recommended NCCP training. This respects and recognizes current coaching competence for Canadian and foreign coaches with significant coaching experience or related background. When coaches seek to achieve “certified status” without completing the workshop training, coaches are challenging for certification.

Application for NCCP AI or DC Evaluation 

Application for Performance Coach (PC) Evaluation 

To Challenge for Certification, a coach must:

  1. Complete requisite non-NCCP training and qualifications (like First Aid certification or referee training) for the context
  2. Complete online training/evaluation requirements (like Make Ethical Decisions online evaluations) for the context
  3. Complete the context portfolio
  4. Undergo formal observation and review for the context

Application for NCCP AI or DC Challenge Evaluation

Application for Performance Coach (PC) Challenge Evaluation 

File Title File Description Download
Taekwondo Canada Coach Code of Conduct docx (89 KB)
Assistant Instructor Portfolio pdf (853 KB)
Dojang Coach Portfolio pdf (364 KB)
Learning Facilitator/Evaluator (LF/LE) Application Form docx (249 KB)
Taekwondo for Life Manual pdf (39 MB)

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