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Maintenance of NCCP Certification

What is Maintenance of Certification?

  • In order to maintain certified status, coaches are required to obtain Professional Development (PD) points. PD points can be earned through a multitude of activities in which coaches already participate, including: national and provincial sport organization conferences and workshops, eLearning modules, NCCP workshops, coach mentorship programs, and active coaching. In most cases, coaches are already earning their PD points -- Maintenance of Certification Status is simply the introduction of tracking these points and recognizing coaches for their efforts.
  • You can log into the Locker (https://thelocker.coach.ca/home) for an up-to-date record of your PD points. Go to the “Certification” tab and select “Maintenance” on the left side.

Coaches who were certified on or prior to 1 Jan 2014 need the following "Maintenance Points" by 31 Dec 2018 to renew their certifications.

  • AI Certified - 10 points in five years
  • DC Certified - 20 points in five years
  • PC Certified - 30 points in five years


What if I don’t maintain my certified status, what are the consequences?

  • In the Locker, your status will be “Certified – Not Renewed”.
  • You will not be eligible to coach at national events until your status returns to “Certified”.
  • You can return to “Certified” status by earning the requisite points or re-doing the evaluation.

Got questions? Check out the FAQ page on CAC website: http://coach.ca/frequently-asked-questions-p156185&language=en


How to obtain Professional Development (PD) points?

For non-NCCP events, points may be earned at the rate of one (1) point/hour to a maximum of three (3) points per activity. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • WT/PATU coach seminar (required for coaches to participate in "G" ranked events) - 2 points
  • Referee seminars (National or IR) - 3 points
  • Annual provincial coach conference - 3 points
  • Provincial coach training update - [up to] 3 points (requires pre-approval from TC and CAC) 
  • Poomsae and Kyorugi Training camps - 3 points

NCCP events offer 5 points per workshop, including Locker e-Learning and Locker online evaluations.

E-module available on CAC website (price and point value)


Upcoming DC Workshops

Dojang Coach workshop will be held on 14 Feb in Ottawa at the venue (EY Centre), click here for more information.

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