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2018 Taekwondo Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) - Carded List

The Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) is a sport funding program that contributes to the pursuit of excellence through its contribution to improved Canadian athlete performances at major international sporting events, enabling athletes to combine their sport and academic or working careers while training intensively in pursuit of world-class performances.

Athletes who are approved for funding and are financially supported through the AAP are referred to as Carded Athletes. AAP support is referred to as Carding.

As stated in the Sport Canada AAP Policies and Procedures, “NSOs may nominate Eligible Athletes for senior or development cards according to their published NSO approved AAP compliant carding criteria up to the maximum of the monetary value of the senior card quota.” Taekwondo Canada has received a quota of six cards with a total monetary value of $127,080.

Review of nominated athletes and final approval of the athletes are validated by Sport Canada and are in accordance with Sport Canada AAP Policies and Procedures. The list of approved athletes can be seen below.

Sport Canada and Taekwondo Canada list of approved athletes for AAP funding:

  1. Melissa Pagnotta – SR1
  2. Skylar Park – SR
  3. Anas Sghir - SR
  4. Yvette Yong – SR
  5. Nathalie Iliesco - SR
  6. Hervan Mengue-Nkogho– SR 


For more information, see the AAP Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines or contact aap@pch.gc.ca.

File Title File Description Download
Taekwondo Canada 2017 Carding Criteria Published: June 1, 2016 pdf (304 KB)
Taekwondo Canada 2018 Carding Criteria Published: June 16, 2017 pdf (1 MB)
Taekwondo Canada 2019 Carding Criteria Amended Amended: May 10, 2018 pdf (388 KB)

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