Taekwondo Canada Operations report May 2020

  • Members Input into Programmes, Events and High-Performance

We completed the PSO/TSO/NIG calls.  Thank you to everyone who participated and gave up their time. Unfortunately, Alberta, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland declined to participate. We are hopeful that going forward, they will be able to provide information as one of the plans is to hold these calls at least twice per year to ensure we are collecting everyone’s input often.  The responses have been compiled into a Power Point presentation which will be sent to the members this week, and then posted online. 

When completed, Taekwondo Canada staff will evaluate the requests and feedback received to determine the feasibility of the program requests along with the costs associated with each. Once this is completed, you can expect to see immediate, short- and long-term objectives communicated to you in each area- HP, events and programs. 

The information provided through these calls will also inform the guiding principles for each area moving forward.  Once the guiding principles are competed, these will also be made public. 


  • COVID – Return to Dojang Training

Taekwondo Canada put out a call for a working group to develop the Covid 19 Return to Train at the Dojang document. We had an overwhelming response and we wish to thank the people who gave up their time and expertise once again. This document has been posted and circulated across the country. 

As you may have seen, Taekwondo Canada released a video, which we hope will be the first of many, highlighting the amazing adaptation Taekwondo made to Covid 19. Thank you to those of you who sent in footage. It is our hope to have more and more clubs involved in these projects as we move forward. 


  • Online Referee Seminars

There have now been multiple online referee seminars conducted by Master Barbara Marian and Master Daniel Park. Thank you to those of you who participated and a special thank you to the amazing instructors! Please keep watching the website and social media for additional online learning opportunities.


  • Respect in Sport

Taekwondo Canada has released the Respect in Sport program to Taekwondo clubs.  Each school may receive two codes to ensure they have the leaders in their schools complete this training. The response so far has been more than we could have expected. Congratulations to all those who have stepped up to complete this!


  • Website Updates

Our NCCP section of the website is being updated to ensure that it is easier to follow and up to date.  Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns in this area.  We will make sure everyone is notified when the updates are completed.  This is the same for a few other areas of the website as well.  


  • Taekwondo Peer Exchange

Coming in June, we will be launching a monthly “Taekwondo Peer Education” session.  These sessions will be free of charge. Taekwondo Canada will provide some pre reading material, and individuals will register to receive the email code.  These sessions will be a chance for owners, instructors, students and parents to share ideas and collaborate in a unique online environment.


Thank you again to all those who have given up their time this month to help with a wide variety of projects.  Stay safe, stay healthy, and be diligent when the time is right to reopen.

 -Taekwondo Canada Staff 


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