2018-2019 Canada Open and National Championships have been awarded

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Taekwondo Canada is thrilled to announce the following cities have been granted:

  • 2018 Canada Open – Richmond, British Columbia
  • 2019 Canada Open – Richmond, British Columbia
  • 2019 Canadian National Taekwondo Championships – Quebec City, Quebec

“Taekwondo Canada has received at least 5 bids for each event in each year. Among some cities, it is a tight race,” Event Manager Darryl Elyk commented. “Taekwondo Canada is confident both cities will work closely with us and deliver remarkable memories.”

It’s the first time Quebec City will host the Taekwondo National Championships after 10 years and the first time the Canada Open will be held on the West Coast.

Details of the tournament will be published soon. The hosts for the 2020 editions of the Canadian Open and National Championships will be announced at a later date.


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