6th and 7th Dan Requirements

As of August 2020, The World Taekwondo Headquarters, Kukkiwon has made changes to the application process for 6 and 7 Dan promotion in order to enhance the qualitative value of Kukkiwon Dan certificate by strengthening the standards of high Dan promotion. A description of new requirements can be found below.

Taekwondo Canada continues to process all applications up to 7 Dan via our online form.  Please contact kukkiwon@taekwondo-canada.com for any questions regarding new requirements

New requirements for 6th Dan include 5 videos:

    • Designated poomsae; Taeback, Pyeongwon, Shipjin. 
    • Mandatory Poomsae; Jitae.
    • 1 minute or more of Gyerogui
    • Thesis; free topic related to Taekwondo at least 10 pages (400-500 words/page) in English

New requirements for 7th Dan include 5 videos:

    • Designated poomsae; Pyeongwon, Shipjin, Jitae
    • Mandatory Poomsae; Cheongwon
    • 1 minute or more of Gyerogui
    • Thesis; free topic related to Taekwondo at least 10 pages (400-500 words/page) in english

Regulations requirements for video recording:

Requirements for Thesis:

    • Size of thesis – Minimum 10 pages (exclude cover, table of contents, and reference pages) in Korean or English. 12PT. Font size, 400-500 words per page.
    • The applicant can be failed the test in the following cases;
      1) The title of the thesis does not pertain to the contents.
      2) The contents or details are scant.
      3) The size of the thesis is not long enough.
      4) Two or more applicants submit the same thesis.


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