June 2020 Operational Report

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Currently, Taekwondo Canada is moving forward with projects which will set us up well for the future. These projects include:


New Executive Director

Executive Director Dave Harris has now been with Taekwondo Canada for one month. The team environment has been expanded around the staff. In addition, he has an inate ability to see the interconnection between each area of the organization. This clearly demonstrates that Taekwondo Canada has strong leadership with a solid foundation from which to grow.  


Junior World Championships/Pan Am Championships

Taekwondo Canada has been closely monitoring the COVID situation across the world and within Canada. On July 15, 2020 we will announce a decision regarding Taekwondo Canada fielding a team to either of these events. Please know that these decisions are not being made lightly and there has been weekly contact with all partner organizations for their input and information. 


Video Project

Taekwondo Canada has partnered with InMotion to deliver a campaign which will show the outstanding job that Taekwondo has been able to do in adapting to the new training environment.  Thank you to the schools who stepped up and provided footage for the upcoming videos! Keep your eye on the website and social media for the release of these videos over the next nine months.



An area which came up often on the P/TSO calls was communication.  Communication starts with having a solid base upon which information can be shared. Currently, the staff is working diligently to update not only the content to ensure accuracy, but also the usability of the website.  This will further expand to a more effective use of social media channels.



Taekwondo Canada has been working to clean up the GMS system. If your club is not showing up on Simply Compete, and you are registered with both your PSO and Taekwondo Canada, please contact Brittany (brich@taekwondo-canada.com) to have your club information properly inputted into the system. We have been trying our best, but it is always possible something has been missed. Thank you for your help with this. 


P/TSO Calls

Information compiled from the calls with the P/TSO’s has been published for everyone to see. The power point presentation can be found at https://taekwondo-canada.com/news/member-survey-results.



Thank you to Master Barbara Marion and Master Daniel Park for their continued efforts with the referee program and running online seminars. If you are interested in taking a seminar and have not seen one posted, please contact us. We will endeavor to have more seminars running when possible. 



Summer is a great opportunity to host an AI or DC workshop! These are currently being offered  online. In addition, Taekwondo Canada is running its second PC workshop of 2020.  As a reminder, coaches must be DC certified in order to coach at national events and PC certified in order to coach at World Championships, Pan Am Championships, Grand Prix’s, Pan Am Games and Olympics.  If you are interested in taking or hosting a course, please see https://taekwondo-canada.com/programs/coaches/host-a-workshop-seminar.


Club Excellence Program

Taekwondo Canada is in the process of developing a program to recognize those clubs who are going the extra mile by participating in programs which develop their school. Please watch for more details and calls for input over the next couple of months. 


Respect in Sport Activity Leader/Respect in the Workplace

Taekwondo Canada has been offering the Respect in Sport Activity Leader program to clubs across the country free of charge.  In addition to this, Taekwondo Canada has now offered to cover the cost for P/TSO board and staff members taking the Respect in the Workplace training. We want to send a huge shout out to Taekwondo Ontario for their commitment to these programs and for leading by example. 


Taekwondo Canada National Poomsae Camp

Day 1 of the TC World Poomsae Team Camp was done successfully on June 27th. Topics that were addressed include Nutrition, Mental Preparation for Elite Athletes and Effective Balance Training for Poomsae Athletes. Big thanks to the Canadian Sport Institute of Calgary, particularly to Paige Wyatt (Nutritionist) & Alayne Hing(Sport Psychologist) for their excellent presentation. Also special thanks to Korean National Poomsae Team head coach, Minwoo Jeon and his 2 athletes for sharing their knowledge. 


Day 2 of this camp is scheduled for July 11th. This camp will feature Strength & Conditioning, ABC’s on advance kicks (Sihoon Song) & Preventive warm-ups for Poomsae athletes (Seoungmin Rim).


This camp is exclusive to athletes & coaches that qualified for the 2020 Poomsae World Championships. Videos of each presentation will be made available to all members in the coming weeks.


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