Taekwondo Leading the World while Canadian Athletes Shine

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This past weekend World Taekwondo Europe showcased their ability to run an online Poomsae Championship and, while doing so, provided opportunities for Canadian athletes to participate in an international event despite the world lockdown that continues.  We commend our taekwondo athletes and Canadian taekwondo schools for their ability to continue training and excelling.


List of Canadian results:

  • Nathan Lor- 12th
  • Anna Li- 24th
  • Agnes Kung- 29th
  • Belinda Co- 5th
  • Mohsen Kazemi- 8th
  • Austin Zhu- 18th
  • Zachary Lee-29th
  • Katrina Lee-21st
  • Jake Kang-20th
  • William Tam-11th
  • Darian Chan-15th
  • Muhammad Syed- 33rd
  • Lois Fong-9th
  • Michelle Ge-18th
  • Wendy Wilkens- 8th
  • Faith Tai-40th
  • Abhiya Syed- 63rd
  • Avery Taylor 33
  • Cailin Cooke- 46th
  • Zaida Ahmed- 58th
  • Alissa Juman- 37th
  • Khalil Thompson- 36th
  • Madeline Jagdeo- 12th
  • Ramezan Ali Hosseini- 13th
  • Nathan Berton- 13th
  • Logan Jagdeo- 17th
  • Prem Mehta-Spooner- 13th in group C
  • Katrina Lee- 6th in group C
  • Mina Nguyen- 23rd in group C
  • Stephanie So- 18th in group A
  • Camila Ruszkiewicz- 21st in group A
  • Jason Russell- 11th in group A


Catch replays of all the action and full results on http://mastkd.com/2020/05/1st-online-daedo-open-european-championship/


Congratulations to all the athletes who participated!


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