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In this 375th year of Montréal’s founding, any occasion for us to get together is important, including the ones that allow us to celebrate together the status of our sport-loving and physically active city.

I extend a warm welcome to all the athletes participating in the 2017 Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships and the 2017 Canada Open!

For five days, the best Canadian athletes will show us the techniques and beauty of this martial art, which rests on the principals of respect, courtesy and integrity.

I thank Taekwondo Canada and the Fédération québécoise de taekwondo for organizing this fabulous sporting meet. I thank the precious volunteers and all the people who will contribute to its success.

I join with everyone in the Canadian Taekwondo community to honour the late and sorely missed Grand Master Chong Soo Lee. I dedicate this 2017 championships to him and invite everyone to appreciate the results of his teachings transcending in all of the athletes here today.

I wish you all a resounding success at the Championships and a great competition!


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