Taekwondo Canada Announces Partnership with Ramp Interactive to Launch Member Management System

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Toronto, ON – Taekwondo Canada is pleased to announce a partnership with RAMP Interactive to launch the rollout of the National Membership Management and Registration System (MMRS) for clubs, associations, and provincial/territorial sport organizations (PTSOs) across the country.  The new MMRS will be available for use starting this spring and will provide a comprehensive digital platform of tools to support participants and clubs across Canada.

As a platform, the objective of the MMRS is to further connect the taekwondo system in the country while driving further value to everyone involved in taekwondo across Canada. Clubs and administrators will gain free access to the system to support participant and club registration as well as strong financial management and reporting. Participants and clubs will benefit from one simplified system for registration that can also provide access to national partnership discounts and benefits.

“Taekwondo Canada is excited about the launch of this new national Member Management System as it will provide participants and clubs with a powerful online tool for registration and club management,” said Dave Harris, Executive Director at Taekwondo Canada. “The system connectivity amongst all stakeholders and support Taekwondo Canada’s goal of system alignment from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Taekwondo participants and clubs across Canada will benefit from a more robust system and will also receive other benefits and perks from our partners.”

“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting partnership with Taekwondo Canada to deliver a comprehensive Member Management System,” said Brad Kronewitt, President of RAMP Interactive. “This collaboration underscores RAMP Interactive’s commitment to empowering sports organizations with cutting-edge technology that enhances efficiency and connectivity. Through this platform, we aim to elevate the taekwondo experience for participants across Canada and contribute to the growth of the sport.”

With this partnership, Taekwondo Canada will provide free access to use the RAMP Registration System for the PTSOs and their participants and clubs. Beyond registration capabilities, member organizations will also benefit from a wide array of system functions to support their programs, including (but not limited to):

    • Club management
    • Participant and club communication
    • Efficient reporting 
    • Safe sport and coach education tracking 
    • Background check monitoring 

On-boarding and training webinars for local clubs will be hosted by RAMP with each PTSO and Taekwondo Canada to walk through the functionality of the MMRS and to ask questions.

About RAMP Interactive:
RAMP Interactive is a Canadian-based provider of sport websites and online registration systems. With over 5500 existing organizations, RAMP works with National, Provincial and Territorial Sport Organizations, in addition to minor associations, clubs, and leagues to provide online sport administration software.

About Taekwondo Canada:
Taekwondo Canada is the official governing body of Taekwondo in Canada, overseeing the sport in all Provinces and Territories. Taekwondo Canada is recognized by World Taekwondo, the International Olympic Committee, PATU and Sport Canada. Taekwondo Canada will continue to be a leading nation in the sport by providing leadership and opportunities to enable its participants to achieve their goals.

Dave Harris
Executive Director
(519) 859-7410


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