Taekwondo Canada has partnered with MindLock to provide mental performance education and training resources to our National Team athletes and registered participants.

MindLock is a mental training company that works with high-performance athletes to develop the mental side of sport. With clients in over sixty cities and twelve countries across the globe, MindLock has established itself as the authority in mental training for combat sports athletes. Working with athletes in organizations such as the UFC, Bellator, Karate Combat, Olympics and more has allowed MindLock to refine a practical approach to mental skill development.

Athletes that enrol in MindLock’s online training program gain access to a world-class curriculum that can be utilized both at home, and on-the-go. The program includes personalized activities, worksheets, assessments, and professional case studies that work towards the development of sport-specific mental skills. It will get athletes thinking about different aspects of mental skills and emotional management and start to develop increased self-awareness.


    • National Team Athletes
      • The MindLock online training program will be provided to all National Team Athletes (Juniors and Seniors)
    • Taekwondo Canada Registered Participants
      • Visit courses.mindlock.ca
      • Click ‘Get Started Now’ 
      • Get 20% off the program by using this access code: TKDCANADA

*Please note that MindLock is currently only available in English*


A concussion is a brain injury that cannot be seen on routine X-rays, CT scans or MRIs. Concussions may affect cognitive abilities and memory functions, along with various other symptoms. The following are important points to keep in mind for concussion management: 

    1. Recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion
    2. Remove the athlete from the practice or competition
    3. Refer the athlete to a medical doctor
    4. Return to school and then to sport based on the recommendations of a medical expert

In conjunction with Parachute, Taekwondo Canada has created taekwondo specific Concussion Guides and Toolkits to ensure the safety and education for all those in the taekwondo community. These Guides and Toolkits focus on the safety of the athletes by outlining the dangers of concussions and what to do to prevent, recognize and manage concussions during training and competition.




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