The Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS) is the core document that sets harmonized rules that have been adopted by Canadian National Sport Organizations and Multi-Sport Service Organizations. The goal of the UCCMS is to advance a respectful sport culture that delivers quality, inclusive, accessible, welcoming and safe sport experiences. 
The UCCMS addresses: 
    • common principles and a commitment to advance a respectful sport culture;
    • standard definitions of various forms of maltreatment, including grooming, neglect, and physical, sexual, and psychological maltreatment;
    • a list of other prohibited behavior such as retaliation, failure to report maltreatment, intentionally filing false allegations, misuse of power, etc.; and
    • a framework for determining appropriate sanctions against such prohibited behaviour. 
The UCCMS is administered at the National Level by Abuse-Free Sport, a program created by the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC) according to the mandate it received from the Government of Canada, for preventing and addressing maltreatment in sport. SDRCC is a non-for-profit organization created under the Physical Activity and Sport Act (S.C. 2003, c.2). 
The Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner (OSIC) is a functionally independent division of the SDRCC and is responsible to administer the UCCMS and relevant aspects of Abuse-Free Sport.
On January 9, 2023, Taekwondo Canada formally adopted the UCCMS and joined the Abuse-Free Sport program. As such, complaints regarding alleged violations to the UCCMS by National Team Athletes, National Team Coaches, Taekwondo Canada staff, Taekwondo Canada Board of Directors and Support Staff should be reported via OSIC’s reporting page (osic-bcis.i-sight.com/portal) – *Note to reader: this report link/button is expected to be updated in 2024. More information will be provided to Signatories directly by Abuse-Free Sport as and when available.


Taekwondo Canada continually reviews, updates and develops policies to address a safe sport environment for all. This practice ensures that Taekwondo Canada is able to adapt and exemplify changing guidelines and expectations. These policies include:

To view all Taekwondo Canada Policies, please visit the Policies and Forms page.

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