Yes, if: 

  • You are an athlete, coach, referee or official and plan on attending World Taekwondo sanctioned events

  • you are a coach or a black belt athlete and plan on attending Canadian national events

Please note that the Global Licence alone is not enough to participate in Canadian national events, or World Taekwondo sanctioned events. The following additional requirements must be met to be able to compete in the above events:

  • Registered with a club in your province
  • Your club must be a member of your PSO
  • Your PSO must have submitted and paid the registered participant fees 

To register, go to SimplyCompete and select “Sign Up”

To renew, go to SimplyCompete and follow the prompts.


Global License

How do I reset my Simply Compete password? 

Go to the SimplyCompete login page and select “Forgot Password”.

The system will open a window where you can enter the email associated with your GMS account or your global licence number (CAN-####) and your date of birth, after which it will send you a link to reset your password.

I have paid the registration/renewal fee, why is my license not approved yet?

The World Taekwondo will approve licences only if:

  • Waivers have been checked off (last page of profile)
  • All required documents have been uploaded (See “Registration”)
  • A colour photo has been uploaded

Please login to Simply Compete and make sure your account is up to date!

How long does it take to have my GAL/GOL approved?

Normally, it will take up to two (2) weeks for your GAL/GOL to be approved. It can take longer during peak periods.

After making payment and when all documentation has been uploaded and approved, Taekwondo Canada will approve your license within five (5) business days, after which World Taekwondo Staff will review and approve your license. 

I am trying to register for an event, why won’t the system let me register?

When you try and register, Simply Compete will tell you what is missing from your account. Please provide the system with what it is requesting. If that does not solve the problem, or you are still unsure, then you can send an email to for assistance. Please include a screenshot of the issue in the email along with your GAL/GOL number.

I am a coach and I don’t have a PATU/World Taekwondo Coach License. My status for events says pending. What do I do?

To register for “G” ranked events, coaches must have a current PATU/World Taekwondo coach licence. If you do not have a current licence, you must register for a coach course at the event in which you intend to coach. Once you have completed the course, you will be able to get your coach’s pass on-site.

I am unsure if I have uploaded all of my documents. How can I check? 

Login to Simply Compete. Go to “Documents” and check which documents are “Approved”, “Pending”, and missing. Everyone requires a colour photo, a Kukkiwon certificate, and some form of government identification. Referees also require IR certifications. Coaches also require (a) current PATU/World Taekwondo coach licence(s).

I have a question about registration for the US Open/German Open/Dutch Open/etc. Can you help me?

Organizing committees may authorize individual or team registration, or both. If the event permits team registration only, Taekwondo Canada can set up and register your team. Email and provide team name, contact person (should have Global Licence), telephone # (contact person), and email address (contact person). For all other inquiries, contact the event organizing committee. The World Taekwondo GMS Admin cannot assist you with this matter. 

My kukkiwon is in progress. How can I get a GAL/GOL?

As long as your kukkiwon has been applied for through Taekwondo Canada, you can email and request a confirmation letter which you can upload in the Kukkiwon section.  Please note that you will need to upload the certificate image to Simply Compete as soon as you receive it.

I am not a Canadian citizen, but I want to compete. Can I?

You can compete at open events, but not at the Candian National Championships and you cannot be part of Team Canada at World Taekwondo Championships (Pan Am/World/Commonwealth etc).



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