2018 Olympic Weight Selection

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In accordance with World Taekwondo Ranking Bylaw, January marks the start of the 2018 Olympic Weight Division selection window for Senior athletes to select or change their Olympic Weight Divisions.  The selection window of January 1st to 25th, 2018 is a one-time declaration or change for a period of one year – January 1st to December 31st, 2018. 

Only the MNA (Member National Associations) – Taekwondo Canada can submit a list of athletes with their choice of Olympic Weight Division. For details of the current WT Ranking Bylaws, please refer to World Taekwondo website by clicking HERE.

  • Please log into your Simply Compete profile (GAL), scroll to ATHLETE INFORMATION to verify if your Olympic Weight Division has been declared;
  • If you already have an Olympic Weight Division declared and there is no change, you do not have to provide selection again as your previously selected Olympic Weight is retained until a change is declared.
  • If you have not declared an Olympic Weight Division previously, or you wish to change your declared Olympic Weight Division, please submit the following information by sending an email to Ms. Jamie Dossantos, high_performance@taekwondo-canada.com

Submission Format:

  1. Name as appear on your GAL:
  2. GAL Number:
  3. Olympic Weight Division you wish to select or change:

The submission deadline is Tuesday, January 20th, 2018 midnight EST. After this date, all submitted Olympic Weight Division changes or selections will be sent to World Taekwondo on behalf of the Canadian athletes to meet the January 25th, 2018 deadline. 


Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Jamie Dossantos:

Email: high_performance@taekwondo-canada.com

Telephone: 613-695-5425 ext. 2237



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