2020 Junior Worlds/Pan Am Championships Update

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To our valued membership,

As you know, World Taekwondo continues to have the 2020 Junior World Championships scheduled for October 14-18 in Sofia, Bulgaria as well as PATU continuing to adhere to the 2020 Pan Am Poomsae and Kyorugi Championship event scheduled for Oct 23-25, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. 

With the final decision to determine Taekwondo Canada’s attendance at these events currently being deliberated during the pandemic, we understand that this has been challenging for you and your athletes in determining training programs. Please know that we continue to discuss options and review information from the provincial and federal governments as well as the world governing body as to their guidelines for training, travel, insurance and other areas of key importance.

With this in mind, Taekwondo Canada will review all current information with the intention of providing you with a final decision on attending either of these events by July 15, 2020.  This date will allow Taekwondo Canada to make a much more educated decision based on information provided from all areas of focus. As well, we will also be speaking with World Taekwondo stating our intentions at this time.

In the meantime, Taekwondo Canada does believe that IF there will be a Canadian team attending either event, there will need to be a selection tournament held.  To this end, Taekwondo Canada is also working to determine how we can run this event safely and fairly. Should this tournament be held, we would target it for the end of August or early September. In order for this event to be run, the following will have to happen:


Current restrictions for travel both to Europe and the United States

  1. The current 14-day quarantine when travelling from province to province will have to be lifted from all provinces in Canada. 
  2. Taekwondo Canada will have to secure a venue for the event that will not require a nonrefundable deposit.
  3. Taekwondo Canada will be working with the Referee Committee to evaluate options in regard to referees, flights and expenses.
  4. It should also be known that referees will need direction and procedures to do inspection fairly and to share equipment.
  5. We will also have to determine an appropriate way to train with contact in gyms one month prior to the competition.
  6. Taekwondo Canada will be moving ahead with the writing of selection protocols should it be decided that a team will be sent to either event.

We do understand the desire of all the athletes and coaches to get back to competition. Taekwondo Canada’s priority will always be the health and safety of our coaches, athletes, referees and participants.  An update to this will be posted on July 15, 2020.

Should you have any questions related to this directive, please feel free to contact me by email at: ed@taekwondo-canda.com. I look forward to working with all of you during this difficult time.


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