Ad Hoc Canadian Indigenous Taekwondo Initiative Committee (CITI)

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Over the past four months Taekwondo Canada has had enquiries about the Indigenous community and participants involvement across Canada. One of the repeated questions is about the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) and the possibility of getting approved, once again, as a medal sport.

A need to identify the many different initiatives that presently exist in the Indigenous community and help to coordinate programs to provide the best promotion of Taekwondo participation.

An organized lobby for the next NAIG Games, in Calgary 2027, will require data to demonstrate the level of participation and provide the hard numbers for an effective bid.

This is best accomplished by a focused group with resource assistance from Taekwondo Canada. The board has approved an interim Terms of Reference (TOR) in order to kick start this initiative.

The initial steps planned are:

    1. Approval in principle of a process in which to consult and revise the desired goals.
    2. Set up a communications channel for CITI planning and consultation process.
    3. Publish letter of notification and intent
    4. Gather the names and contacts of interested parties.
    5. Set initial Town Hall (Zoom) to discuss and revise CITI TOR and mission.
    6. Recruit of Committee members and support advisors
    7. Report back to Taekwondo Canada Board for approval of a revised Terms of Reference and statement of goals.

Please distribute this message to your members. If you or any of your members are interested in contributing in a small or critical manner please contact the email address by Wednesday, March 6th.

Please include in your email:

    • Your name
    • Email address
    • Your geographic location
    • Your position: (e.g. athlete, instructor, referee, administrator, parent, etc.)
    • Estimated potential participants in your circle of influence.
    • Interest in contribution to this initiative: (1 to 5 – 1 = low, 5 = enthusiastic)


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