Barbara Marian is appointed as Taekwondo Canada Referee Chair

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Taekwondo Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Barbara Marian as the Referee Chair of Taekwondo Canada.

Barbara Marian’s involvement in taekwondo spans decades as a dojang owner and referee.  She has a rich background in the game and is recognized as a highly respected member of the world taekwondo community.

Her first international experience was in Ecuador 2002. She has served as a role model and a mentor to athletes and referees around the world.

On June 23, 2016, Marian received the Meritorious Service Medal from the Canadian Governor General David Johnston for her involvement as a taekwondo referee on the local, national and international level. She was appointed by World Taekwondo as Member of the Women in Taekwondo Committee in November 2017.

 “Master Marian has shown a long-term dedication and commitment to refereeing,” Taekwondo Canada President Wayne Mitchell said. “Her extensive experience on Canada and International Referee Committees will translate into developing a great Taekwondo Canada Referee Program for our long-term outlook.”

Marian commented: “I have some very large shoes to fill. I hope that I can continue to build upon the program set out by my predecessor, Master Eric Wah. In addition, I’m very honoured to be able to serve Taekwondo Canada’s referee community.  I will do my absolute best.”

Barbara Marian will serve as the Referee Chair until the end of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.  The new referee committee was also formed on March 23, 2018.

The referee committee will oversee all aspects of Referee management of human and financial resources to ensure that the National Referee Program supplies a pool of highly qualified referees to meet the needs of Taekwondo Canada at its events.

“I’m excited to be working with the Referee Committee members.  Each brings their own strengths and enthusiasm. We have to get to work right away. We have an updated referee policy to write.  We have new rules for both Kyorugi and Poomsae on the horizon.  We have to make sure that the national referee community is up-to-date with those new rules,” Marian commented. “In addition, I’m hopeful that we can increase the number of national referees. More importantly, we hope to add more youth and more females into the referee pool.”


New Taekwondo Canada Referee Committee

  • Chair: Barbara Marian
  • Vice Chair and Eastern Chair: Mandy Li
  • Quebec Chair: Martin Desjardins
  • Ontario Chair: Daniel Park
  • Western Chair: Cindy Richardson


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