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Taekwondo Canada has announced the date for the National Championships to take place in Ottawa Feb 15-18, 2018.  This is an invitation to submit your name to officiate at the event.  National referees and provincial referees are welcomed to apply.

There are different ways you can choose to participate:

a) be a Kyorugi Referee for all 4 days (no seminars);

b) take the Kyorugi (Wed) Seminar and officiating Thursday to Sunday;

c) take the Kyorugi (Wed) and Poomsae (Thurs) Seminars and officiating Friday to Sunday (either discipline);

d) take the Poomsae Seminar (Thurs) and officiating Friday to Sunday (either discipline);

e) be a Kyorugi Referee from Friday to Sunday (no seminars);

f) be a Poomsae Referee from Friday to Sunday (no seminars).

There will be a National Kyorugi Certification Seminar offered on Wednesday (Feb 14) and a National Poomsae Certification Seminar offered on Thursday (Feb 15).  The registration for the two seminars will open soon.

For out of town referees, you will be reimbursed travel allowance similar to previous Nationals. The exact amount will be announced at the beginning of December with the final selection list. Meal allowance will be provided during competition days. Selected referees will receive $75 per diem per day. Hotel accommodation will be provided for your participating days (double occupancy). You must pay for your own hotel room if you plan to take the National Kyorugi or/and Poomsae Referee Certification Seminars. 

This is an interest call only, and does not guarantee a spot on the final selection list.

If you would like your name to be added to the selection list, please email by November 25th, Saturday, 5 pm EST. Please make sure you indicate your preference: a), b), c), d), e) or f).  



Criteria for referee selection for the 2018 Ottawa Nationals:
  • must be refreshed with new rules since December 2016 (Internationally or Nationally);
  • geographical representation;
  • gender balance;
  • balance of experienced and new referees;
  • previously volunteering at our Nationals;
  • good standing with Taekwondo Canada.


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