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Pursuant to Taekwondo Canada’s bylaws passed March 25, 2019, the following is a call for nominations for election at the 2021 Taekwondo Canada AGM to be held on September 12, 2021.
The following positions are being elected at the 2021 Taekwondo Canada AGM:
    1. 1 Director at Large
Terms and descriptions for this position may be found in the Taekwondo Canada bylaws section 4.11.
For the 2021 – 2022 year, Taekwondo Canada is particularly interested in finding directors with experience in marketing, sponsorship and legal. We are also seeking diverse candidates, in particular gender and self-identified diversity.

Skills and qualifications should include:

    • Experience with writing, editing, and interpreting governance policies
    • A complete understanding of conflict-of-interest situations and the importance of avoidance of same
    • A desire to support and work with Taekwondo Canada staff, committees, members, and stakeholders for the development of Taekwondo in Canada.

Interested applicants are required to submit a signed document consenting to be a nominee for a committee, which committee they are interested in and must also submit:

    1. A résumé outlining the nominee’s qualifications, successes, and work and volunteer history
    2. A full and complete listing of all potential conflicts of interest
    3. A declaration that the candidate meets the eligibility criteria listed below

Submissions must be sent to no later than 12:00pm EST on August 11, 2021 as per section 4.7 of Taekwondo Canada’s bylaws.

As per section 4.4, nominees must:

    1. Be eighteen (18) years of age or older,
    2. Be a resident of Canada as defined in the Income Tax Act,
    3. Have the power under law to contract,
    4. Not have been declared incapable by a court in Canada or in another country,
    5. Not have the status of bankrupt,
    6. Complete and pass a screening in accordance with the Corporation’s Screening Policy,
    7. Not be a director, officer, contractor or employee of a member,
    8. Not hold a position or acting as an Athlete, Coach: National, or Referee,
    9. Not be a contractor or employee of the Corporation,
    10. Not be a director, officer, shareholder, employee, or contractor of a corporate sponsor of the Corporation; and 
    11. Not be a director, team manager, or executive director of the National Interest Group Taekwondo sports program.

For more information, please reference the Taekwondo Canada – Call For Nominations to Board of Directors.


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