Changing the Conversation in Female Coaches Community

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Taekwondo Canada congratulates Coach Sofia Hovnanian for receiving the 2018 Certificate of Recognition through the ‘Changing the Game – Changing the Conversation’ (CTG – CTC) program.

Two of our up and coming Taekwondo coaches, Sofia Hovnanian and Patricia Mitchell, participated in the Coaching Association of Ontario’s “Changing the Game – Changing the Conversation” program over the past year.

This program is linking mentorship with apprenticeship models for the female coach community in Ontario, within and across sports, by providing a resource hub for apprentice coaches to build and enhance their toolkits. The program provided female coaches from a variety of sports with an opportunity to learn from highly trained coaches and experts across the province of Ontario, through partnerships and community groups, cultivating an environment for balanced leadership.  

Taekwondo Canada is pleased to congratulate Sofia Hovnanian for receiving the 2018 Certificate of Recognition for her contribution to the program; these women are not only #changingthegame but their voices are changing the conversation.


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