Eric Wah Announced as PATU Referee Chairman

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Eric Wah has been appointed as the new Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU) Referee Chair following the resignation of Myung Chan Kim in 2017.

“I have stepped aside so that others will receive an opportunity to bring fresh and new ideas to the PATU Referee community, I leave the post not with sadness, but with pride,” Kim shared his thoughts and gratitude to PATU and World Taekwondo (WT) on his social media in addition to congratulating Wah on his appointment. “I know Wah will serve the PATU Referee Community to the absolute best of his ability. I give full support to my successor.”

Wah has been a member with Taekwondo Canada since 2003 when he took his first National Referee course in Montreal.  Two years later, he took the IR Seminar in Rome, Italy. He was appointed by Taekwondo Canada (TC) as the Referee Chairman in 2010 and started to be involved with PATU Referee Committee since 2011. PATU President Ji Ho Choi confirmed the appointment in Managua, Nicaragua during the Central American Games in December 2017. The appointment term is three years until 2020.

 “I am grateful for the opportunity from TC for my career,” said Wah. “There was so much to learn from the organizational side of the job description, education of our referees, coordination with PATU and WT of the administration side, but the most important thing was to learn to get along with everyone from the executives of TC, coaches, athletes and fellow referees.”

“I attended all the PATU events and assisted my mentor, Master Myung Chan Kim in various Championships.  Master Kim taught me all there was to learn to be the PATU Referee Chairman.”

Working as the PATU Referee Chairman, Wah will be educating referees in different PATU regions and be more involved on the administrative side. “I have so far received a lot of support and help from the PATU Executive Members, referees, coaches and athletes.”

“I would like to thank my Taekwondo Canada Referee Committee members for their encouragement, especially Master Barbara Marian for her continuous support. Most importantly, I appreciate PATU President and the Executive Members for their trust and confidence in me.”

 “Wah has been a long-time contributor to the Canadian taekwondo community.  He has gone above and beyond what was expected to ensure he gains the most recent and refined interpretations of the rules,” said Wayne Mitchell, President of Taekwondo Canada in response to Wah’s appointment. “The Taekwondo Canada community has reaped the benefits of his dedication, commitment and personal sacrifice.”


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