Staffing changes to Taekwondo Canada

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April 03, 2020

Ottawa, ON

As many of you are aware, TC has been operating with a staff shortage for quite some time. We are happy to announce that for all three job openings, we had some outstanding candidates and have been able to fill all positions. TC very much appreciates those who volunteered to be on the selection boards to find the best candidates!


Welcome to:

Jimena Gravelle – Membership Services and Admin (10 Mar)

Raquel Marinho – Programmes and Events (1 Apr)


Farewell to:

YanBin Yuan – Performance and Development (31 Mar)



Kate Nosworthy – from Events to Operations (1 Apr)


No change:

Guy Thibault – High Performance


As Interim Executive Director, I am very grateful for the support of the board, Sport Canada and our other partners, and our team at the office. Senior staff members have been liaising weekly if not more often with COC, CPC, OTP, Sport Canada. I urge you to keep an eye on the website to keep up to date with this ever-changing situation.



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