Skip Dan

Submit the Kukkiwon Special Request Form and indicate in the notes that you are requesting a Skip Dan. You must also include:

    • Kukkiwon Skip Dan Application Form;
    • Photo (head and shoulders) in jpg format;
    • Letter from the master, which endorses the Skip Dan and includes reasons why the athlete merits this special consideration;
    • Current Kukkiwon certificate (not ID card);
    • Canadian passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate;
      • If not Canadian, you must include the athlete’s passport or birth certificate along with a copy of his/her Permanent Resident’s card.\
    • Video Requirements:
      • 0 > 1 requires Taeguek 1Jang  – 8Jang / Gyeorugi
      • 1 > 2 requires Taeguek 1Jang  – 8Jang, Goryeo / Gyeorugi
      • 2 > 3 requires Taeguek 1Jang  – 8Jang, Goryeo, Gumgang / Gyeorugi
      • 3 > 4 requires Taeguek 1Jang  – 8Jang, Goryeo, Gumgang, Taebaek / Gyeorugi
      • 4 > 5  requires Taeguek 1Jang  – 8Jang, Goryeo, Gumgang, Taebaek, Pyeongwon / Gyeorugi

Skip Dan is for Dan candidates only. Poom candidates are not eligible.

Only one Dan rank may be skipped and only once in an athlete’s life.

5th Dan is the highest rank to which an athlete can jump.

To be eligible to jump one rank, the athlete must wait the total number of years for the rank skipped and the rank to which the athlete is promoted. For example, to skip from 2nd Dan to 4th Dan, the athlete must have at least five (5) years’ time as a 2nd

Fees for Skip Dan consists of the addition of the promotion skipped and current promotion.


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