Tips to Improve Your Upload Experience

The Kukkiwon does not recognize accents nor print them on certificates. Please ensure there are no accented letters when submitting Kukkiwon applications.

Eligibility Date: Please pay attention to the issue date when submitting applications for 2nd Poom/Dan and higher. The Kukkiwon does not accept applications submitted prior to the eligibility date and Taekwondo Canada does not have the capacity to hold applications submitted early. You will be advised that the Kukkiwon rejected the application and your fees will be refunded, less a $25 USD administration fee.

Photos: The photo should be a clear shot of the athlete’s head and shoulders. Though photos tend to look best on the ID card with a plain, white background, there is no requirement for professional or passport photos, nor for a white background.

Kukkiwon Certificate Information: For 2nd Dan or higher, the information must be exactly the same as what is printed on the current Kukkiwon certificate (Kukkiwon number, name, date of birth and nationality). If there is any correction to the certificate information, you cannot make the changes using the online application system; you must submit a Kukkiwon Special Request Form.


If you order a 2nd Dan or higher application through the online system, the application will be uploaded to the Kukkiwon Management System using the Kukkiwon number to find the athlete and the certificate that will be received will reflect the same personal information as on the current Kukkiwon certificate, including any existing errors.

For 2nd Poom/Dan or higher applications, if a club uploads an application online with an existing error in certificate personal information, Taekwondo Canada will not accept responsibility for the existing errors and the processing fee applies.


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