Why are the Poomsae Nationals now online and not in-person?

First and foremost, Taekwondo Canada’s priority is to host a safe National Championship event to select Taekwondo Canada’s Poomsae National Team for 2022 Poomsae International Events, including, but not limited, to the 2022 Poomsae World Championships in Goyang, Korea from April 21-24, 2022.

In order to ensure the safety of athletes, referees and event staff, as well as ensuring there is enough time to register a team, secure clothing/uniforms, and book flights and accommodations for the upcoming Poomsae World Championships, Taekwondo Canada elected to change the competition format of the Poomsae Nationals to online. This decision ensures that Taekwondo Canada is in a position to nominate and prepare a National Team for the Poomsae World Championships.


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