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Message from the President

Dear Taekwondo Community:

With the 2017 year quickly coming to an end we look forward to an exciting future.  Next year will see the Youth Olympic Games, 2019 will now have Poomsae included the Pan Am Games and before we know it the Tokyo Olympics will be in its final preparations.

On the financial front Taekwondo Canada will once again have all of the accounts payable handled by the calendar year end.  Our new Treasurer is continuing the past treasurer’s great work and bringing in a processing system to better track our monthly financial snapshot and give the board an improved management tool to react to the changing financial landscape.

The performance coach NCCP program is about to receive approval and will be official launched in 2018.  This will give coaches another tool to assist their athletes in reaching their dream and raise our competitive level within Canada and beyond.

As 2016 comes to a close and we are all preparing for the year ahead I wanted to take an opportunity to both thank and celebrate the whole Taekwondo community in Canada. 

Organizationally our biggest challenge this year was the departure of our Executive Director.  A hiring process has begun with the posting of this key staffing position.  Application process is open until January 4th and a decision should be made by February 2018. 

Taekwondo Canada has added a new permanent employee as the event manager.  The new position will augment our current staff and increase their efficiency.  The events department is presently in the process of securing and deciding bids on Taekwondo Canada events up to and including 2020.  This advanced open process of awarding of events will benefit everyone’s ability to effectively plan their training preparations and allow us to reduce our event operating costs.

The board has developed, approved and presented to the members at the 2017 AGM a new Strategic Plan.  From that Strategic Plan an operational plan development has been started and will be completed once the new E.D. has been hired.  This will give TC a clearer plan of where we are going and what gaps we need to address in order to reach the goals.

Taekwondo Canada still has many things we wish to improve.  The board is open to your inquiries and encourages you to ask questions and give advice.  It is together that our Taekwondo community will be able to accomplish the lofty Strategic Plan goals.

On behalf of the Taekwondo Canada Board and our operating staff I want to wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.  The best to all in the new year!



Wayne Mitchell


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