HP announces Olympic Weight Divisions for 2019 Pan Am Games Qualification Team Selection

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2019 Pan Am Games Qualification Team Selection – Kyorugi

Phase 1 – 2019 Pan Am Games Qualification (PAGQ) Kyorugi Selection completed.

In accordance to Section 4 on page 5 of the 2019 Pan Am Games Qualification Team selection,  Phase 1 – Selection through WT “True” Olympic Ranking, where the November 2018 WT Olympic Ranking (reflecting ranking points until October 2018) was used as the purpose of selection the 2019 Pan Am Games Qualification Team.  

Per WT November 2018, the following TWO Canadian athletes meet Phase 1 of the 2019 PAGQ Team Selection – Kyorugi:

  • F49 – Yvette Yong
  • F57 – Skylar Park
  • At 2019 Canadian National Championships, the winner in the Canadian Selection in Olympic Division(s) selected in F49 and F57 will be named as the Alternate to the 2019 PAGQ Team.

Phase 2 – 2019 PAGQ – Kyorugi Selection will take place at 2019 Canadian National Championships on January 10, 2019 in Quebec City, Quebec.

Per Section 4.3 of the 2019 Pan Am Games Qualification Team selection, Taekwondo Canada hereby announces the Olympic divisions scheduled for 2019 PAGQ selection – Kyorugi. 

The selection will be double elimination format, athletes will be seeded according WT Olympic Ranking as of November 2018. 

  • F49 – Alternate selection only
  • F57 – Alternate selection only
  • F67 – Vacant.  
  • F67 + – Vacant
  • F58 – Vacant
  • M68 – Vacant
  • M80 – Vacant
  • M80+ – Vacant

Should you have any questions, please contact Ms. Jamie Dossantos, high_performance@taekwondo-canada.com


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