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Taekwondo Canada has done extensive research as to our participation in the event and would like to bring a number of areas to your attention. Prior to competing in these championships, a national tournament would need to be held. With this in mind, the following issues regarding competition have arisen both nationally and internationally:



  • Inter-Provincial travel bans remain in effect 
  • Sparring remains prohibited within some provinces thereby eliminating the potential for this championship to be held in the foreseeable future.
  • Insurance remains in place but there is no coverage for COVID-19 for all participants
  • The majority of venues which would host the event remain closed and this would factor in our ability to host the event in any fashion
  • According to Taekwondo Canada Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Terry DeFreitas, all competitors would be required to be tested for COVID-19 prior to and be isolated prior to competing. Competitors would also be required to isolate on their return home depending on the province. These costs would be borne by the competitors.



  • International travel to Europe remains a concern
  • Bulgaria requires a two-week quarantine period with the cost being borne by the participants which would require competitors to arrive in Bulgaria no later than September 30th.
  • A two-week quarantine would be in effect for all participants upon their return to Canada.

And finally, we have received word from Sport Canada and Own the Podium that the complete return to play document has not yet been completed.

With this in mind, Taekwondo Canada has made the difficult decision to not hold a national competition nor register athletes for the Jr. World Championships currently scheduled for October. We understand that this is disappointing but we believe that the greater good will be served with this decision. 


Dave Harris                                                       Guy Thibault

Executive Director                                           High Performance Director


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