Master Marian and Master Park appointed at Continental level

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Canada’s own Master Eric Wah is serving on the WT referee committee which is chaired by Master Songchul Kim of British Columbia. At all levels, Canadians are showing their ability to lead and give back to Taekwondo. 
The representation of Canadians at these levels provides the most incredible opportunity from which our up-and-coming referees can learn, grow and develop to continue this tradition. 

Taekwondo Canada has a long history of our amazing referees stepping up to the international stage and representing Canada at the highest levels. The commitment that these referees have shown and continue to show is exemplary. Both of these individuals have gone above and beyond within our own borders with facilitating online referee courses during this trying time. 
Taekwondo Canada could not be prouder and more humbled that we are able to have referees such as these lead us towards Tokyo and beyond. Congratulations! 



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