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Respect in Sports

Respect in Sports

Taekwondo Canada has taken the pledge and is now a proud promotor of the Responsible Coaching Movement.  Our organization has also joined the True Sport Foundation movement and partnered with Respect Group.  By taking these steps, our sport is committing to implement updated supportive policies and processes to ensure the safety and protection of our athletes and coaches as well as provide our coaches with the tools and training necessary to reflect the best possible, socially acceptable in Canada professional and ethical standards of behaviour.

The Responsible Coaching Movement (RCM) is a multi-phase movement, coordinated by the Coaching Association of Canada and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and supported by the True Sport Foundation.  This initiative has the intention to affect all sport organizations and coaches. 

It is important to emphasize that most Multisport Organizations funding sport activities at the National, Provincial and Municipal levels also took this pledge. Commitment to the RCM movement is expected from all funded partners in all regions of Canada. 

The first Phase of the RCM focuses on three key areas that has proven effective impact when introduced by other Canadian organizatrions:

1.Rule of Two

The Rule of Two serves to protect minor athletes in potentially vulnerable situations by ensuring that more than one adult is present.Vulnerable situations can include closed doors meetings, travel, and training environments.


2. Background Screening

The background screening process involves using a number of different tools to ensure coaches meet the necessary security requirements to coach athletes. These tools include comprehensive job postings, criminal record checks, interviews, and reference checks.


Most of the recommended tools are commonly used in day to day operation of Taekwondo Canada and Provincial/Territorial associations as well as by some Taekwondo Clubs. However, the most comprehensive tool – the Background Check is used only in a few jurisdictions.


Taekwondo Canada NCCP policy requires that all new coaches to the NCCP training go through the Background Check; however, to ensure that this requirement is met by all coaches delivering support in all Taekwondo Clubs across Canada, we promote the following distribution of responsibilities:

Validity of a Background Check of all coaches involved with the National Team Projects is the responsibility of Taekwondo Canada.
Validity of a Background Checks of all coaches involved with the Provincial/Territorial team projects is the responsibility of Provincial/Territorial Association. To be implemented by 2019.
Validity of a Background Check of all coaches involved with club projects is the responsibility of the Club Technical Director (Dojo Shu). To be implemented by 2020.

All Taekwondo Canada members are welcomed to use a Sterling Backcheck service offered for  $25 at: https://www.sterlingtalentsolutions.ca/landing-pages/j/Taekwondo-canada/

Once this service is used and Taekwondo Canada is indicated as the recipient of the check,  Taekwondo Canada designated personnel will have access to this secured data and will verify eligibility of the individual to provide service to the Taekwondo community.  Arrangements can be made to allow access of Provincial/Territorial or Club representatives.

Furthermore, Taekwondo Canada has designated a “Screening Committee” to review cases that will require further discussion and a decision.

Taekwondo Canada’s set period of validity of the background check is 3 years.


Respect and Ethics Training

Increasing coaches’ ethical conduct and behaviour toward athletes requires that coaches be trained to understand what it means to act ethically.This training would include the Make Ethical Decisions module within the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), as well as training in abuse and harassment prevention, such as Respect in Sport, before and during their coaching career.


The CACNCCP certification standardrequires that all new coaches to the NCCP pass the on-line Make Ethical Decision evaluation. In addition, all coaches transferred from the old to the new NCCP are required to pass this on line MED within the firs 5 years of the transfer to maintain a valid NCCP certification.

Further to these, Taekwondo Canada recommends the following additional on-line training offered by the “Respect Group”:

“Respect in Workplace” on line activity available at: https://taekwondo-canada-workplace.respectgroupinc.com/ for all Staff working within the Canadian Taekwondo Community; Board Members and Committee members.  To be implemented immediately.
“Respect in Sport For Activity leaders” on line course available at: https://taekwondo-canada-al.respectgroupinc.com/ for all coaches, all Professional staff working within the Canadian Taekwondo Community;, all Board Members and Committee members. To be implemented by 2019.
“Respect in sport for parents” on line course available at: https://taekwondo-canada-parent.respectgroupinc.com/ recommended to all parents of children and youth involved in Taekwondo.  Recommended implemented by 2020.


It is important to emphasize that all the listed above on-line activities are automatically registered in the CAC Database for Professional Development points for all certified NCCP coaches.


Furthermore, each individual involved in activities sanctioned by Taekwondo Canada or it’s members, is a subject to standards of behaviour as presented in Taekwondo Canada Code of Conduct available at: http://www.taekwondocanada.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Code_Of_Conduct_EN.pdf

Over the next three years, with the support of the Coaching Association of Canada and the True Sport Foundation, Taekwondo Canada will be actively reviewing our current policies and procedures to ensure they align with the recommendations and guidelines of the RCM.  Working closely with Provincial/Territorial associations and  clubs, we will identify realistic ways and means to entrench the Responsible Coaching Movement across our sport and enhance the safety of our athletes and ethical conduct of our coaches.


To enable implementation of the above introduced initiatives and actions, Taekwondo Canada is recommending a clear designation of responsibilities in jurisdiction over the existing recommendations for a minimum coaching certification standards for all Taekwondo clubs delivering Taekwondo programs in Canada as well as for coaching athletes in competition. 

Dojo/Club Coach standards

Head Coach or Technical Director or Dojo Shu (depending on the nomenclature used in your region):


 Assistant coaches:


 All coaches and assistants:


RESPECT IN SPORT FOR ACTIVITY LEADERS  - online training at: https://Taekwondo-canada-al.respectgroupinc.com/


National and Provincial Team Coaches


Minimum Competition Development Certified  (former level 3)
Must be a member of Chartered Professional Coaches. Apply at: https://www.coach.ca/apply-now-or-renew-p158441
Must complete the Criminal background Check every 3 years
Must complete Respect in Sport activity on line training at: https://Taekwondo-canada-al.respectgroupinc.com/
Must complete annually the CCES “101 CLEAN SPORT” training on line at: https://education.cces.ca/#/login



Tournament standards

The NCCP required minimum standards from Coaches assisting athletes in competition are listed in the Tournament Standards and Sanction Policy and are as follows:

At the National Championships the Provincial Team Head Coaches must be Certified Competition Development coach; Assistant Coaches must be Instructors Certified.


At other level A sanctioned events the Provincial Coaches must be at minimum trained Competition Development coach; Assistant Coaches must be Instructors Trained.



At Provincial level events, the minimum recommended level for a head coach is Certified Instructor. Assistant coaches are recommended to be at minimum Assistants Trained.



All Coaches assisting athletes at tournaments are subject to all the other requirements listed in this document. 

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