Quebec City Named Host of 2019 Canadian National Taekwondo Championships in January

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OTTAWA—More than 600 of the nation’s top taekwondo athletes will be charging into Quebec City, January 10-12, 2019 for the Canadian National Taekwondo Championships.

The most prestigious event on the domestic competition calendar will determine the kings and queens of taekwondo in the following categories:

Youth National Championships
2019 Pan Am Junior & Cadet Championships (Kyorugi and Poomsae)*
2019 Pan American Para Championships*
2019 World Para Championships*
2019 World Cadet Championships (pending)*
2019 Pan American Games Qualification (PAGQ)* – Kyorugi (Olympic Divisions)
2019 PAGQ* – Poomsae (Freestyle Poomsae – Team)
2019 Pan American Games pre-selection* – Poomsae (Recognized Poomsae – Individual and Freestyle Poomsae – Individual)
2019 Para PAGQ*: K43 and K44 combined
2019 Summer Universiade Games* – Poomsae

For more details on the 2019 Quebec City Canadian Taekwondo National Championships, please find the link here.

Taekwondo Canada would like to remind our community of the participation eligibility requirements.


Must be a Canadian citizen
Must be in good standing with his or her P/TSOs and Taekwondo Canada
Must have a 2019 valid Global Athlete Licence


Must be in good standing with her or his P/TSO and Taekwondo Canada
Must have a 2019 valid Global Licence
Must have engaged in Taekwondo NCCP training at the Beginner Instructor level (Assistant-Instructor) or higher.

C1 – Performance Coach certified
C2 – Dojang Coach certified
C2R – Dojang Coach undergoing DC re-evaluation**
C3 – AI certified and DC trained; can register in this category only once in a lifetime
C4 – AI trained; can register in this category only once in a lifetime

Must be registered with the Coaching Association of Canada’s Professional Coaching department

Please be advised that matches will not be held for coaches. It is the responsibility of the athlete and club to ensure there is a secondary coach in the event the primary coach is not available.

The 2019 Senior National Championships will be held in Montreal in February 2019 and include the following events:

2019 Senior World Championships* – Kyorugi
2019 Summer Universiade Games* – Kyorugi

* Please refer to specific selection protocols for Eligibility, Divisions and Categories.

** Taekwondo Canada realizes there may be coaches who have not earned sufficient Professional Development/Maintenance points over the last five (5) years to renew their DC certifications and who will become “certified – not renewed” effective 1 January, 2019. Coaches in this situation are no longer eligible to register as C2 and cannot register as C3 or C4 coaches.

To address the needs of these coaches, for this year only, Taekwondo Canada has added a C2R coach category to permit coaches to register for DC evaluation and undergo formal observation and debrief with their Cadet athlete on the first day of event competition.

To register as C2R at this event, coaches must:

Have current Standard First Aid with CPR Level C certification
Have a current referee seminar in the context in which the coach intends to re-certify (Kyorugi – since 1 Jun 2018, Poomsae – within last two years)
Complete the DC portfolio
Have a Cadet athlete in order to complete the formal observation and debrief on the first competition day, and

Register for DC evaluation and undergo formal observation and debrief with their Cadet athlete on the first day of event competition.

Taekwondo Canada is the National Sport Governing Body for Taekwondo in Canada. We are recognized by World Taekwondo, Pan American Taekwondo Union, Sport Canada, Own the Podium, Canadian Olympic Committee, and the Canadian Paralympic Committee. Taekwondo Canada sends national teams to the Olympic Games, World Taekwondo Championships, Pan Am Taekwondo Championships, Pan Am Games, World Taekwondo Junior Championships, Poomsae World Championships, Pan Am Poomsae Championships, and is also targeting the 2020 Paralympic Games.


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