Sponsorship Canada enters the dojang alongside Taekwondo Canada aiming for meaningful partnerships on the road to Paris 2024

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Ottawa, ON (August 31, 2023) – Following an extensive search, Taekwondo Canada is excited to announce that Sponsorship Canada (a division of REVXM-Immediate Productions) has been tapped to serve as its exclusive sponsorship agency of record.

Part of the arrangement includes Sponsorship Canada establishing partnership programs for Taekwondo Canada’s participation or hosting of Championships at the National and International levels, alongside leveraging the National Sport Organization’s (NSO) extensive member club base.

“Taekwondo Canada is pleased and excited to be working with Sponsorship Canada on its sponsorship and commercial strategy for our sport moving forward,” said Executive Director Dave Harris. “We have seen the sport of taekwondo grow not only as a martial art, which is participated in great numbers by Canadians, but also at the elite level including the Olympics. With this in mind, Taekwondo Canada believes that Sponsorship Canada will be a great partner in attracting corporate Canada to align itself with what is a tremendous sport in this country.”

Given Sponsorship Canada’s work with national sport organizations across the country and tenured track record of results with different properties from sports to entertainment, to not for profits and beyond, Sponsorship Canada is the optimal choice to help Taekwondo Canada capitalize on its commercial trajectory as the NSO gears up for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

“We are thrilled to be able to help Taekwondo Canada with procuring sponsorship as the organization journeys on the road to the Olympics, said Bill Gaskey, Managing Partner of Sponsorship Canada. “We look forward to replicating our successes with Olympic brand campaigns our parent company XMC has done in this new territory, especially due to taekwondo’s rich history. Taekwondo Canada is truly an untapped opportunity for brands to achieve their objectives and further their footprint nationally and internationally”.

An attractive alignment to brands will certainly be working with Taekwondo’s Canada roster of elite athletes including:  Skylar Park, Ashley Kraayeveld and many others as well as the emerging dojang stars from Taekwondo Canada’s 500+ member clubs coast to coast.

Taekwondo’s origins in Canada date back nearly 60 years and since then have grown participation across 12 provincial and territorial sport organizations, amassing to 30,000+ enrolled taekwondo members.

As Taekwondo Canada turns the next decade, the organization has ambitious goals of scaling its commercial roster to provide brands with stability, national and international visibility, and community engagement, hoping to continually set the benchmark as a leading nation and governing body of the sport.

For more information, please contact:

Dave Harris
Taekwondo Canada
Executive Director
(519) 859-7410

Dane Gomez
Sponsorship Canada
Manager, Corporate Partnerships


Taekwondo Canada is the official governing body of Taekwondo in Canada, overseeing the sport in all Provinces and Territories. Taekwondo Canada is recognized by World Taekwondo, the International Olympic Committee, PATU, Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Committees, Own the Podium and Sport Canada. Taekwondo Canada will continue to be a leading nation in the sport by providing leadership and opportunities to enable its participants to achieve their goals.

 To learn more, go to: taekwondo-canada.com


Founded in 2006, as part of the XMC Group of Companies, Sponsorship Canada, a division of REVXM-Immediate Productions, is a leader in sponsorship asset evaluation, naming rights strategy as well as revenue generation for venues, events and properties.  Sponsorship Canada have represented cities, municipalities, not for profit charities, sports and entertainment properties and venues in naming rights and partnership deals totalling over $500M in revenue, over the last 15 years+.

To learn more go to: sponsorshipcanada.com 


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