Suspension Issued to Taekwondo Athlete

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(April 10, 2023)

Attention: Taekwondo Canada Membership

Taekwondo Canada is announcing the suspension of athlete/coach Anas Sghir for a period of two (2) years starting on July 26, 2022 and finishing on July 26, 2024.

The decision rendered by an external and independent discipline panel found as follows:

Mr. Anas Sghir of Taekwondo Quebec has been found to have violated Sections 12(a), 12(c) (i, iii, iv, v), 12(h), 12(n), 12(o), and 15(d) of Taekwondo Canada’s Code of Conduct and Ethics (the Code).  

As a result of this conduct and breach of the Code, Mr. Sghir is subject to a complete ban from participation, in any capacity, in any program, practice, activity, event, or competition sponsored by, organized by, or under the auspices of Taekwondo Canada until July 26, 2024.

Pursuant to Section 42 of the Policy, this decision takes effect immediately and pursuant to Section 36 of the Policy will be considered a matter of public record.

Please note that, pursuant to Section 9.4 of Taekwondo Canada’s Discipline and Complaints Policy, the discipline panel’s decision applies automatically to Taekwondo Canada, all of its members and associated organizations.


David Harris
Executive Director
Taekwondo Canada


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