Taekwondo Canada Announces Teams for the Junior Worlds and YOGQ

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Taekwondo Canada is delighted to announce the teams for the upcoming Youth Olympic Games Qualification (YOGQ) Tournament and the Junior World Championships (JWC), which takes place in Hammamet, Tunisia from 6th-13th April 2018.

The YOGQ Team line-up consisted of 2017 Pan Am Junior Taekwondo Championships gold medalists Josipa Kafadar from Vancouver and Ethan McClymont from Winnipeg.  Both Josipa and Ethan will be looking for a ticket to the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games to take place in the fall of 2018. The squad is completed by the brother duo of Braven and Tae-Ku Park, along with Emily Waung and Isabella Schrunder.

As for the Junior World Championships event, the youthful team brings together a number of up-and-coming fighters who tasted success at the recent National Taekwondo Championships, as well as four gold medalists at the Pan Am Junior Taekwondo Championships.

“I feel more prepared because of the experience at the previous World Championships. I am focusing on achieving a higher placing at this event,” said Josipa Kafadar.

For many of these athletes, Tunisia is the farthest they will travel for a taekwondo tournament.

“Tunisia is one of the farthest places I’ll travel to for taekwondo. I have traveled to Europe and Costa Riva for events, but never to Africa,” said Kafadar. “I am excited about the experience and challenge the championships will bring. I will push myself to the absolute best that I can for this event.”

Taekwondo Canada High Performance staff Jamie Dossantos said, “Junior Worlds is a pinnacle event next to the Youth Olympic Games, and is a very competitive environment for our junior athletes. While we are carrying a fairly new team, there are several veterans in the squad, including Josipa Kafadar, Ethan McClymonth, Sofie Nicholson and Tae-Ku Park. I am excited to see our young athletes showcase their talents in Tunisia.”

The team will be led by Raymond Mourad and team manager Andrea Zanetel. The coaching staff includes Jae Park, Carlos Amezcua, Carla Bacco, Dan Thornton, Edward Fong and Paul Germain. The first part of the team will depart on March 31 and the remaining members will follow on April 3.

“I expect that these two events will serve as a platform for the youth to display their skills to the full and also to exchange friendship among the youth from all parts of the globe.” World Taekwondo’s president Chungwon Choue said in his welcome letter.

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2018 Youth Olympic Games Qualification Tournament Team:

  • Emily Waung: F-44kg
  • Josipa Kafadar: F-49kg
  • Isabella Schrunder: F-63kg
  • Braven Park: M-55kg
  • Tae-Ku Park: M-73kg
  • Ethan McClymont: M+73kg

2018 Junior World Championships Team:

  • Sarah Juman: F-42kg
  • Téana Averbeck: F-44kg
  • Angelique Orozco: F-46kg
  • Josipa Kafadar: F-49kg
  • Élodie Tremblay: F-55kg
  • Julianna Campos: F-59kg
  • Sofie Nicholson: F-63kg
  • Yasmine Kermiche: F-68kg
  • Kathryann Hamel: F+68kg
  • Jethro Emilraj: M-45kg
  • Stanislav Miller: M-48kg
  • Joshua Hong: M-51kg
  • Django Meier: M-55kg
  • Sam Wagnleithner: M-59kg
  • Alexander Genewicz: M-63kg
  • Tae-Ku Park: M-68kg
  • Yoans Lefebvre: M-73kg
  • Ethan McClymont: M-78kg
  • JD Keenan: M+78kg

Coaches and Staff:

  • Head of Team: Raymond Mourad
  • Manager: Andrea Zanetel
  • YOGQ/JRW Coaches: Jae Park, Daniel Thornton, Carlos Amezcua, Edward Fong
  • JRW Coaches: Carla Bacco, Paul Germain
  • Athletic Therapist: Rick Lau
  • Team Doctor: Dr. Adam Keough


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