Taekwondo Canada Operational Report April 2020

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The staff has been able to use this time to build for the future as we look forward to being able to see you all again in person.  Below is the summary of what we have been focused on:

Training of new staff members and transfer of information

Ensuring that information relating to Covid-19 and our industry has been shared with our members/public in a timely manner. 

All staff members have attended multiple webinars with OTP, COC, Sport Canada, CAC and many other groups. Often, we are not able to fully commit to all of these educational opportunities and we are grateful we have been able to maximize our attention to these webinars. 

On an HP side, given the events of the world lately, there have had to be changes to budgets, Olympic planning, AAP documents for 2021, selection protocols and constant adaptation based on the daily changes which are coming quickly and often.

Work has been done on having a national ranking system for athletes. 

Work has been done on collecting information to put together for talent ID camps/programs

Taekwondo Canada has been meeting with the P/TSO’s and the National interest groups in order to collect their feedback on Taekwondo Canada events, programs and HP. 

Thank you to BC, ON, QC, NB, NS, NWT and the military for giving up your time to work with us on this very important project! 

Taekwondo Canada has been working on producing a guiding principles document which will be driven based on the feedback from the meetings discussed above. This document should create a base from which Taekwondo Canada can work when developing programs going forward. 

We have been working to develop a sponsorship program to help increase the overall revenues of Taekwondo Canada

We have posted the Executive Director position and the board will be working through this process.

We have been looking at the events for 2021- both Canada Open and Nationals. With things being so up in the air right now, nothing can be confirmed for 2021 until we are sure that the decisions being made are in the best interest of all parties. 


For May 2020, the staff will finish the PSO calls by May 4, 2020 and work to take this information and put it into a report to share with the members. As well, we are continuing the planning to move forward with development of national ranking systems, events planning and our program development plan.


In terms of the concerns we have heard about the cancellation of the April Senior National event and the July Junior/Cadet National event, we would like to make sure everyone understands the position in which Taekwondo Canada found itself. We had to cancel events scheduled between the start of the lock-down through to the end of the summer to ensure the safety of participants and spectators and to comply with government limitations on gatherings. It is currently not safe, nor are we allowed to run events.  


Taekwondo Canada has not made a final decision about sending a team to Junior World Championships IF it goes ahead. If it is safe to do so, and in consultation with our sport partners, Taekwondo Canada will review its options and ensure we are providing every opportunity to our athletes in a way that will keep them safe and healthy. The well being of our athletes, coaches, referees, parents and spectators will always come first. 


We want all participants, clubs, and member organizations to know that we have been vocal with government agencies about the struggles we know you are going through and we are doing our best to ensure that your voice is being heard.  We have also been amazed at the dedication of the taekwondo school’s commitment to online classes and alternative training plans. The taekwondo community in Canada is resilient and we will get through this together. 


We also want to share our sincere appreciation to COC, CPC, OTP and Sport Canada for their amazing and incredible dedication to ensuring all NSO’s have as much information as possible and their huge support which is felt daily.  We are truly proud to be Canadian!


Stay safe, stay healthy and we are hoping to see you all soon!

                -Taekwondo Canada Staff


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