Taekwondo Canada’s 2020 Summer Scoop

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Social Media – #FeatureFriday

Started in August 2020, each Friday we are featuring a registered club who has submitted their social media handles and photos of their clubs which promote the spirit of Taekwondo and that it is a safe sport. It is the hope of Taekwondo Canada that this will help each club to promote that Taekwondo is a safe sport for people to participate in during COVID-19. If you have missed the opportunity to submit your information, please see our social media to submit now or email brich@taekwondo-canada.com! We will be accepting submissions throughout the month of September. Watch each Friday to see if your club is our #FeatureFriday!

COVID Return to Train Videos

Thank you to the clubs who provided us with video footage of how they are returning to training safely.  These video clips have been used to build our first 5 videos. The video releases will be done weekly on Wednesdays starting in September. We will be putting out additional calls for video footage of how you and your athletes are staying competition ready during this time and this footage will be used for our next set of videos.

New Website

The staff have been compiling the content needed for the organization’s new website with a launch date of September. We have listened carefully to the invaluable feedback from the members during the spring PSO calls about what they want to see, how they would like it presented and what information they felt was missing. Stay tuned for the launch and our request for feedback. 


In partnership with Taekwondo Ontario, Taekwondo Canada has delivered 4 more NCCP courses including another Performance Coach workshop. We want to thank Taekwondo Ontario and, in particular, Ka-On Tong for his diligence in working to support their coaches and their education. If you are interested in hosting or participating in an NCCP workshop, please contact Jimena at admin@taekwondo-canada.com.

Poomsae Team Camp

Over two days in July, Taekwondo Canada hosted the first ever online poomsae camp. Invitations were sent to all athletes who were previously expected to attend the World Championships. It is very unfortunate that COVID-19 kept them from travelling, but we were thrilled with the participation of these athletes in the training camp and look forward to more opportunities for them all to train together. Thank you to Master Seoungmin Rim for his dedication to making this camp a success.

Women and Sport

Taekwondo Canada has begun working with Women and Sport to put together a campaign to showcase women in Taekwondo. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.


Over the next few months, Taekwondo Canada, in partnership with our sponsor, Dando Sports, will be running contests giving individuals a chance to win prizes provided by Dando Sports. We want to send a huge THANK YOU to Danny at Dando Sports for supporting this initiative. 

The first contest is open to individuals who complete the Respect in Sport Activity Leader program.As an added incentive, Taekwondo Canada is pleased to provide this training free of change. If you have not already done this training, please contact Brittany at brich@taekwondo-canada.com to get your access code and be entered into the contests.

Policy Updates

The staff have all been working together with the Board on updating policies to ensure their alignment with the updated 2019 Bylaws. This is an ongoing project and will be for the foreseeable future.  Policies are ever changing and growing in order to ensure the best experience for all members of Taekwondo Canada.

HP Advisory Group

By the end of September 2020, Taekwondo Canada will have appointed an HP Advisory Group to facilitate input from the membership into high performance projects, camps and selections. Under the guidance of our HPD Guy Thibault, this group will help to move the high performance program forward as we support Skylar Park in Tokyo and aim towards 2024.

Thank you to all of the clubs who have sent videos, photos and information over the summer – your time and effort with this is greatly appreciated. We look forward to continuing our support for member clubs in this challenging time. Should you have other suggestions for ways we can help, please feel free to contact Kate at kate@taekwondo-canada.com.


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