Team Canada Set to Compete at the Senior Pan American Championships in Cancun

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Taekwondo Canada is pleased to announce its team for the 2021 Senior Pan American Championships being held in Cancun, Mexico. Team Canada will consist of 15 Kyorugi athletes who are now on location training for the event that will take place from June 3-4 at the Hotel Crown Paradise Club.

Over 250 athletes from across the Pan American region will be competing at this event. This is Taekwondo Canada’s first team which will be competing internationally since the COVID-19 pandemic postponed and altered events around the world. Team Canada consists of the following members:

-46kg Yvette Yong
-49kg Josipa Kafadar
-53kg Viviane Tranquille
-57kg Skylar Park
-62kg Ashley Kraayeveld
-67kg Melissa Pagnotta
-73kg Nathalie Iliesco

-54kg Nicholas Hoefling
-58kg Anas Sghir
-63kg Sherif Hassan
-68kg Hervan Nkogho
-80kg Christopher Iliesco
-80kg Cédric Ndzouli (*wildcard*)
-87kg Jordan Stewart
+87kg Marc-André Bergeron

Master Carla Bacco
Master Alain Bernier
Master Young Choung
Master Edward Fong
Master Jae Park

Head of Team – Master In Kyung Kim
Manager –
Master Emilia Camastro
 Doctor Terry DeFreitas

“Taekwondo Canada is very happy to be competing again and wishes all the Canadian athletes the best of luck in this event” said Executive Director Dave Harris.  

Keep an eye on Taekwondo Canada’s social media for results and updates. The schedule of competition dates are as follows:

June 3, 2021 Competition: F-46kg, F-49kg, F-73kg, F+73kg, M-54kg, M-58kg, M-87kg, M+87kg

    • Team Canada Results
      • Yvette Yong (F-46kg) – Won Quarterfinals 24-19 vs. Mexico, lost Semifinals 4-9 vs. Mexico, earned BRONZE
      • Josipa Kafadar (F-49kg) – Lost Quarterfinals 3-6 vs. Brazil
      • Nathalie Iliesco (F-73kg) – Lost Quarterfinals 2-12 vs. Brazil 
      • Nicholas Hoefling (M-54kg) – Lost Quarterfinals 17-27 vs. United States
      • Anas Sghir (M-58kg) – Lost Quarterfinals in overtime vs. United States
      • Jordan Stewart (M-87kg) – Won Quarterfinals 28-8 vs. Dominican Republic, lost Semifinals 4-6 vs. Mexico, earned BRONZE
      • Marc-André Bergeron (M+87kg) – Lost Quarterfinals 6-12 vs. United States

June 4, 2021 Competition: F-53kg, F-57kg, F-62kg, F-67kg, M-63kg, M-68kg, M-74kg, M-80kg

    • Team Canada Results
      • Viviane Tranquille (F-53kg) – Lost Quarterfinals in overtime vs. Mexico
      • Skylar Park (F-57kg) – Won Quarterfinals 25-3 vs. Mexico, Won Semifinals 26-11 vs. Chile, Won Finals 22-21 vs. Brazil, earned GOLD
      • Ashley Kraayeveld (F-62kg) – Lost Semifinals 16-42 vs. United States, earned BRONZE
      • Melissa Pagnotta (F-67kg) – Won Quarterfinals 16-14 vs. Chile, lost Semifinals in overtime vs. Mexico, earned BRONZE
      • Sherif Hassan (M-63kg) – Lost Round of 16 in overtime vs. Guatemala
      • Hervan Nkogho (M-68kg) – Won Quarterfinals 24-7 vs. Brazil, Lost Semifinals 9-19 vs. Colombia, earned BRONZE
      • Cédric Ndzouli (M-80kg) – Lost Quarterfinals 4-24 vs. United States
      • Christopher Iliesco (M-80kg) – Lost Quarterfinals 10-11 vs. Brazil

About Taekwondo Canada 

Taekwondo Canada is the official governing body of Taekwondo in Canada, governing the sport in all Provinces and Territories. Taekwondo Canada is recognized by World Taekwondo, the International Olympic Committee, World Taekwondo Pan America and Sport Canada.

Dave Harris
Executive Director
(519) 859-7410


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