Call for Nominations to Vacant Board of Directors Position

The Board of Directors of Taekwondo Canada wishes to inform the members that Jean François Lebreux has resigned as a board member. We were advised on July 24th and while we asked him to reconsider his decision as he was appreciated on the Board, Jean François advised that he could not reconsider his decision. We would like to thank Jean François for his excellent work on the Board and as Chair of the Strategic Planning committee.

We will be requesting that a nomination process be initiated and Special General Meeting of the Members be called to elect a replacement Board member.

Considering the timing of the resignation letter, 56 days out from the Annual General Meeting, there was not sufficient time to comply with the Bylaw requirements in Article 4.6 for announcement of nominations of a board position, 90 days before the Annual Meeting. 



90 days before Annual Meeting

Nominations Committee will begin soliciting nominees

75 days before Annual Meeting

Nominations Committee will begin reviewing Applications and supporting materials submitted by nominees

75 – 30 days before Annual Meeting

Nominations Committee will short list candidates and conduct the Nominations Committee’s due diligence

30 days before Annual Meeting

Nominations are closed

14 days before Annual Meeting

Taekwondo Canada will post all approved candidates, those endorsed by the Nominations Committee and all approved campaign material on the Taekwondo

Filling a Vacancy on the Board

Article 4.19 – Vacancy – Where the position of a Director becomes vacant, the Nominations Committee will seek qualified candidates and the position will remain vacant until such time the Members fill the vacant position at a meeting of Member for the remainder of the term. 

Pursuant to Taekwondo Canada’s bylaws passed March 25, 2019, the following is a call for nominations for election to the current vacant Board of Directors position with Taekwondo Canada.

The following position is to be elected during a Special General Meeting to be announced by the end of September:

      1. Director at Large

PLEASE NOTE: The Board of Directors of Taekwondo Canada is a policy board. Members of the Board are responsible for approval of annual budgets. The Board guides the association’s direction through good governance, policy development and working with the Executive Director to ensure compliance with the bylaws and the policies of the association.

The Board supports the ED who is responsible for the overall operations of the organization including, but not limited to, programs, staffing and high performance. The Board provides direction in these areas via their policies. The board is not involved in the day to day operations of the association.

Terms and descriptions for this position may be found in the Taekwondo Canada bylaws section 4.11.

Interested applicants are required to submit a signed document consenting to be a nominee for the Board position and must also submit:

    1. A resume outlining the nominee’s qualifications, successes, and work and volunteer history
    2. Valid Vulnerable Sector Check
    3. A full and complete listing of all potential conflicts of interest
    4. A declaration that the candidate meets the eligibility criteria listed above

All information MUST be submitted and addressed to the Governance and Nominations Committee at: The deadline for submission of interest shall be no later than Friday, October 14th at 5:00 p.m. EST.

As per section 4.4 of the bylaws, all nominees must:

    1. Be eighteen (18) years of age or older,
    2. Be a resident of Canada as defined in the Income Tax Act,
    3. Have the power under law to contract,
    4. Not have been declared incapable by a court in Canada or in another country,
    5. Not have the status of bankrupt,
    6. Complete and pass a screening in accordance with the Corporation’s Screening Policy,
    7. Not be a director, officer, contractor, or employee of a member,
    8. Not hold a position or acting as an Athlete, Coach: National, or Referee;
    9. Not be a contractor or employee of the Corporation,
    10. Not be a director, officer, shareholder, employee, or contractor of a corporate sponsor of the Corporation; and
    11. Not be a director, team manager, or executive director of the National Interest Group Taekwondo sports program.

For this position, Taekwondo Canada is particularly interested in finding a director with experience in legal or marketing/sponsorship. We are also seeking diverse candidates, in particular gender and self-identified diversity.

Skills and qualifications should include:

    • Experience with writing, editing, and interpreting governance policies
    • A complete understanding of conflict-of-interest situations and the importance of avoidance of  same
    • A desire to support and work with Taekwondo Canada staff, committees, members, and stakeholders for the development of taekwondo in Canada.

As well as exemplify the following General attributes:

    • Marketing/Communications
    • Representative of membership population
    • Team player
    • Risk management experience
    • Not for Profit Board experience
    • Business Acumen
    • Policy Development
    • Experience in strategic thinking
    • Ethical and values-based behavior
    • Commitment and Capacity
    • Knowledge of sport of Taekwondo

Specific Attributes:

    • Leadership
    • Funds Development
    • Legal
    • Human Resources Management
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Political Capital
    • Government Relations
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Strategic Change Management
    • Marketing/Communications
    • International Sport Perspective

Taekwondo Canada Committee Positions

As well, we are seeking members of the Governance and Nominations as well as the Human Resources  Committee. Both committees are to be re-elected each year and as well, will be seeking to fill 1-2 positions. As per Article 6.3, the vacant Standing Committee positions will be appointed by the Board for the remainder of the term.

The Terms of Reference for these committees may be found here.

Interested applicants are required to submit a signed document consenting to be a nominee for a committee, which committee they are interested in and must also submit:

    1. A resume outlining the nominee’s qualifications, successes, and work and volunteer history
    2. A full and complete listing of all potential conflicts of interest


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